A Quentin Tarantino film, it does what it says on the tin.

Great dialogue spoken by some of the best actors in the world, long running time, extreme violence, use of eclectic music and now with added awesome scenery, all filmed in 70mm Ultra Panavision.

All present and correct here, snow also providing a neat contrast to blood. The film also adds another Western to the directors back catalogue.

After a very long opening establishing shot, let’s hope there was only one take, we are introduced to a stagecoach driven by “OB” (James Parks). The coach stops in the falling snow of post civil war Wyoming.

Wanting a ride and escape from the cold is Major Marquis Warren (Samuel L Jackson), although getting on board is going to be no easy task.

Bounty Hunter John Ruth (Kurt Russell) is transporting Daisy Domergue (Jennifer Jason Leigh) to be hanged, he doesn’t want any complications. A similar process is repeated further up the trail on the way to “Minnie’s Haberdashery”. This time stopping to pick up (or not) “Chris Mannix” (Walton Goggins) complete with fantastic accent. Mannix is allegedly the new sheriff of “Red Rock”, the final resting place at the end of a rope for Daisy.

After a very long albeit enjoyable trip to the first and only static location at Minnie’s, we get to meet some other colourful characters sheltering from the blizzard. “Oswaldo Mobray” (Tim Roth) an English gentleman who also happens to hang people for a living. Cow Puncher “Joe Gage” (Michael Madsen), “General Sandy Smithers” (Bruce Dern) and “Bob” the Mexican (Demian Bichir).

The film is divided into chapters and we are half way through by the time we arrive at Minnie’s. As you would expect, the film is shot with Tarantino’s attention to detail and style. There are twists, turns and nothing is as it would seem, we would expect nothing less.

The acting talent is high and everyone pulls their weight, Russell and Jackson do the heavy lifting and Leigh gets all beat up but is clearly having fun. When the violence eventually erupts, as you would expect there is blood a plenty and the film veers into mild horror towards the conclusion.

To say more about the plot would be to spoil the film. Arguably this is not Tarantino’s best work, perhaps taking far too long to get anywhere. But when the dialogue is this much fun, profane and just good to listen to, it’s about the journey not the destination.

Humour also gets a look in, from the usual pitch black to borderline farce with a long running door shutting gag, a fine example of making something out of nothing.

Be warned, at three hours long you need to set some time aside to enjoy the trip.


Director Tarantino is one of the few movie makers copied by others, “Tarantinoesque”.

If you like his style of films, you will enjoy this, not perhaps his best vintage but compared to most, this will do just damn fine.