A difficult film to review without providing any spoilers, so basic information only.

An excellent, if mind bending time travel thriller with spirited acting from the cast, including Ethan Hawk and Sara Snook.

Whilst the film has a “Indie” feel and seemingly relatively low budget, this has been well spent and the film looks and feels like it should, with no corners cut. There is humour, strong performances and audience confusion, all in the first act, then things really start to get complex.

The film is stylistically directed by the Spierig brothers (Michael and Peter), who also wrote the screenplay and manage to channel their inner “Millers Crossing” vibe in places. The story is an adaptation of a time paradox tale from Robert Heinlein’s1959 “All You Zombies—”.

As the film progresses you may need some judicious use of the remote to check on what you have just seen and at the conclusion, you may just need to go back and watch it all again.

If you are looking for a comparison maybe “Memento” but only from the point of view of taking time to work out what on earth is going on but the film ultimately rewards the effort.

As you cruise through the various straight to DVD fare, this may not stand out on your must see list but you would be wrong to go past this hidden treat.


A highly enjoyable watch, ultimately perhaps too clever for it’s own good and in danger of eating it’s own tail.  However, certainly worth a watch for anyone interested in cinema and a movie daring to be different.